Rockin’ Ron’s New Website

Been a while since I’ve posted because it’s been pretty much business as usual.

But this is noteworthy. Ron Hobdy, owner of Rockin’ Ron’s Music, has just debuted a new web site.

Bigger pictures, easier navigation. Nice going, Ron!

Ron has carried my single diatonic pouches and my Compact multi-diatonic cases for a couple years now. It’s been a good relationship for both of us and I appreciate what he does immensely.

The largest inventory of anything and everything harmonica plus the fastest shipping and top-notch customer service. You just can’t go wrong at Rockin’ Ron’s Music.

Thank You, Ron Hobdy!


Custom case for Suzuki SBD-39 Slider Bass

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to build a custom case for a Suzuki SBD-39 Double Bass harmonica that has been modified using Brendan Power’s Slider-Bass mouthpiece/slider adapter by orchestral harmonicist and harmonica repair specialist, George Miklas.

The case is special in its Western “basketweave” stamp embossing treatment, custom tooled logo and an “antique” finish treatment that enhances these embellishments.

Like its older siblings the case is patterned after a doctor’s bag and is made from a single piece of top quality 8/64″ t 9/64″ thick vegetable tanned saddle skirting leather.

It has three snap closure straps for added security and the inside aspect of each piece of hardware (snaps & rivets) is covered by a small patch of brown pigskin. The expensive instrument does not come into contact with any metal that might otherwise mar it.

There is further protection in the form of a special protective block that prevents the harmonica from sliding inside the case and spuriously pressing the slider button. The delicate button cannot come into contact with any part of the inside of the case.

The fact that, after modification, a Slider-Bass won’t fit in its OEM case makes these beautiful and expensive instruments vulnerable, especially when transporting or shipping one. A SilverWing Leather case fits the harmonica like a glove and protects the owner’s significant investment so that it is in gig-ready shape at all times.

If you own a Slider-Bass and ever leave home with it, you really should consider giving it a case that befits and cradles it safely. Information to order yours can be found on the Contact, Pricing and Ordering Information page.



HarpSlinger Harmonica Belt

I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to build a custom harmonica belt for a well-known harmonica player. He asked for a harmonica belt in the style of an old-west gunslinger’s pistol belt. I pointed him at some online resources to help him decide on specific embellishments. He liked the “Ranger” style belt with overlapping flaps that increase comfort and stability. He also found some “conchos,”decorative emblems or shields, that I used as button caps to hold the lids for each pouch closed. He also requested his initials and a pictorial mountain scene to fill out the available real estate.

This is what I came up with:

The pouches with concho button caps:

The client wanted the pouches on the back. Here is the belt from the front showing the Ranger style tongue and buckle with underlying strap. I left it unlined so that the inside would have some good “tooth” to help keep the belt in position when it’s loaded with harmonicas.


And finally a rear view showing the “business” side of the belt as it appears when the belt is buckled up.

If you’re interested in such a custom belt or bandolero, please see the Contact, Ordering and Pricing page. I’d be delighted to help you design a belt that suits your style and budget.

Basic Bandolero

I’m pleased to announce the introduction of my new Basic Bandolero. It features up to 7 pouches that fit most known diatonic harmonicas, holding them securely in an upright position.  Each one is custom-fit to the particular client’s body size via PDF printouts of the pouch section exchanged via email. and attached to a client-supplied ribbon or paper model of the belt section.

The pouches have no lid flaps for ease of access but they’re snug enough that the harps won’t fall out if you bend over or take the Bandolero off. The ends of the single piece of top-grade vegetable-tanned saddle leather are attached via 3 heavy-duty solid brass snaps at the waist (several colors of leather and snaps are available). This means that the Bandolero can be rolled up along with your harmonicas for safe and secure transport or storage.

Possible upgrades include additional pouches, snap-closed lid flaps, adding a chromatic case (if the desired number of harps and the length of the bandolero permit), and various kinds of embellishments to personalize  and mark your Bandolero for identification and security purposes. I can even hide a microchip in the stitching for additional security.

I can just as easily make a belt to go around your waist. Please ask for details.


Contact me and we’ll design the perfect Bandolero to fit you and your personality.

Pricing is available on the Contact, Pricing and Ordering Information page.

A Case for Brendan Power’s New Slider Bass Harmonica

Here is a totally new challenge based on a totally new harmonica, Brendan Power’s amazing new Slider Bass single mouthpiece system for chromatic double bass harmonicas. Brendan has recently been brewing up novel concepts to exploit his 3-D printing capabilities and this may represent the pinnacle of his technology.

Brendan Power’s Slider Bass Harmonica page.

Brendan makes Slider Bass components for the Hohner 265 and its big brother the 268 as well as the Suzuki double bass. This particular case was for a Hohner 265.

These harmonicas are large, very heavy, have a slide button and they take an odd triangular cross-sectional shape. As a result, they won’t fit in their original wooden case. All four of these factors make for a special challenge for the leather worker.  I decided to take a modified Doctor’s bag approach with two half-lids closing clamshell-style over the harmonica as opposed to a square box-type case. Due to its weight I decided to include a handle. You don’t want one of these babies slipping out of your hands!

Slide Bass Case-1Slide Bass Case-2

This case conforms to the shape of the instrument but there was a further challenge because the back of the harp (towards the bottom inside the case) has a hinge that protrudes beyond the flat and angled surfaces formed by the back sides of the harp’s two halves. I designed a fitted leather “cradle” base that keeps the harmonica stable in its upright (vertical) position and won’t let it roll side to side inside the case.

Slide Bass Case-3Slide Bass Case-5

A standard feature with all my cases for chromatic harmonicas with a slide button is a pigskin-covered protective wooden block that  prevents the harp from slipping inside the case so the slide cannot get pushed spuriously. Also standard are pigskin patches that cover any metal snap or rivet inside the case.

Slide Bass Case-4

The result is a shape-conforming case that holds the Slider-Bass very snugly. The instrument can touch no metal parts and cannot shift around, so that the button cannot be pushed by the sheer inertia of this big harmonica once it’s inside the case.

Slide Bass Case-7 Slide Bass Case-6

I’m quite proud of this case and am certain that it provides a safe and protective home for this exciting breakthrough new Power Slider-Bass chromatic harmonica.

Please see the Contact, Ordering and Pricing Information page for details on how to purchase such a case for your new Power Slide Bass harmonica.

News Flash — Rockin’ Ron’s adds SilverWing Cases

I’m very excited to announce that the top internet supplier of professional harmonicas, tools and accessories, Rockin’ Ron’s, has added my Softy Single and Double and Compact-7 and Compact-14 cases for diatonic harmonicas to their line of fine products.

Rockin’ Ron’s Music

Ron offers legendary pricing and service and I am honored to be among the suppliers of his exciting line of products.

Thank You, Rockin’ Ron!


A Jet-Black Box-Style Case for a Hohner Chromonica 280/64

I recently took an order for a custom hand-stitched box-style case for a Hohner 280. The client  requested an all-black case, black outer leather, black pigskin lining and black stitching. This is what resulted. A fun case to build. I like the midnight- black look.


You can see the nickel plated “Sam Browne” button, the mushroom-shaped button over which the leather strap with the slotted hole fits to hold the case closed. Also shown is the protective block that holds the harmonica firmly so that the button doesn’t get pushed accidentally.

280JetBlack-3 280JetBlack-2

On the left you can see the hand stitching along the end cap and dust cover. The bottom view of the case reveals my maker’s mark on the end of the closure strap and the bottom end of the “Chicago Screw” that anchors the protective button block in place.

I’ll make one for you to your specification today for only $150 plus postage and insurance.

More leather for musicians: a Bones Bag!

It’s no secret that I am a lover of Rhythm Bones as well as many other “folk” instruments. As a confirmed bones rattler, I carry a number of sets of two. Each has its own tone and timbre, carving its own niche in my set. Real bone is my favorite material, but various types of wood also make nice bones.

Anyway, I got tired of carrying my bones loose in a canvas bag and having to sort them out before or even during a performance. So, I developed this little 3-compartment bag to carry bones to, from and on-stage. It really works well! An adjustable neck strap makes for a perfect fit. Made from thick yet soft and pliable motorcycle garment leather, the bag can be secured in its rolled-up mode by a strap with a heavy-duty snap closure like the one on the flap. Then on stage the bag can be unrolled and carried over the should or around the neck or laid out on a table or music stand. Now I have access to each of my sets of bones right at my fingertips wherever I go on stage. No more on-stage fumbling-around embarrassment.

Please see the Contact page for current pricing and ordering information.

Bones Bag-1-2Bones Bag-1 Bones Bag-2Bones Bag-4

A new addition to my “Compact” line: a new kind of chromatic case

Spurred by a satisfied client/owner of one of my inexpensive “Compact” cases for his diatonic harps, I’ve developed a new chromatic case that uses the same stitch-free rivet-only construction. Because of the time savings by avoiding hand-stitching, I’m able to offer this case at a fraction of the price of my high-end cases. I’ll just call it my “Compact” chromatic case for consistency.

Modeled as a replacement or substitute for the plastic “glasses case” style case that Hohner offers, this case comes only in black (at this time) and is made of a single piece of high-quality leather that is finished inside and out. The case is constructed using rivets and the lid is held closed with two high-quality over-sized snaps. I can offer an optional protective block (as shown)  that prevents the harmonica from accidently sliding around inside the case and pushing its own button. Your expensive instrument will not move once it’s nestled safely inside this close-fitted case.

Please see the Gallery for additional pictures and the Contact page for current pricing and ordering information.

Super64-2  Super64-6 Super64-3

Compact 14, an economical hybrid leather/plastic case for diatonics

After the positive reception for my new Compact 7 case for diatonic harmonicas ( the natural next step was a case of similar construction and attributes that would carry a set of 14 harps.

Consisting of two of my unique Kydex thermoplastic divider inserts with a separator all enclosed in a leather case, this is the Compact 7 case’s big brother.

Compact14Closed Compact14Parked

Here the case is shown closed and opened up. Notice that when open, there is a male snap located on the inner top of the case that allow you to “park” the cover out of the way to provide full access to your instruments.

In an effort to keep the cost down, just as the Compact 7 case, the Compact 14 comes with two “d-rings” attached to the rear portion of the sides. I encourage potential owners to get creative and repurpose an old camera neck strap or handle to make a neck or shoulder strap for the case. Otherwise, I am happy to work with you to create a leather handle or strap of your liking (at an extra charge of course).

Priced at or even under what players are paying for a single diatonic these days, this is the smallest, lightest, most affordable 14-harps case out there! Please see the Contact page for current pricing and ordering information.