A new addition to my “Compact” line: a new kind of chromatic case

Spurred by a satisfied client/owner of one of my inexpensive “Compact” cases for his diatonic harps, I’ve developed a new chromatic case that uses the same stitch-free rivet-only construction. Because of the time savings by avoiding hand-stitching, I’m able to offer this case at a fraction of the price of my high-end cases. I’ll just call it my “Compact” chromatic case for consistency.

Modeled as a replacement or substitute for the plastic “glasses case” style case that Hohner offers, this case comes only in black (at this time) and is made of a single piece of high-quality leather that is finished inside and out. The case is constructed using rivets and the lid is held closed with two high-quality over-sized snaps. I can offer an optional protective block (as shown)  that prevents the harmonica from accidently sliding around inside the case and pushing its own button. Your expensive instrument will not move once it’s nestled safely inside this close-fitted case.

Please see the Gallery for additional pictures and the Contact page for current pricing and ordering information.

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