Compact 14, an economical hybrid leather/plastic case for diatonics

After the positive reception for my new Compact 7 case for diatonic harmonicas ( the natural next step was a case of similar construction and attributes that would carry a set of 14 harps.

Consisting of two of my unique Kydex thermoplastic divider inserts with a separator all enclosed in a leather case, this is the Compact 7 case’s big brother.

Compact14Closed Compact14Parked

Here the case is shown closed and opened up. Notice that when open, there is a male snap located on the inner top of the case that allow you to “park” the cover out of the way to provide full access to your instruments.

In an effort to keep the cost down, just as the Compact 7 case, the Compact 14 comes with two “d-rings” attached to the rear portion of the sides. I encourage potential owners to get creative and repurpose an old camera neck strap or handle to make a neck or shoulder strap for the case. Otherwise, I am happy to work with you to create a leather handle or strap of your liking (at an extra charge of course).

Priced at or even under what players are paying for a single diatonic these days, this is the smallest, lightest, most affordable 14-harps case out there! Please see the Contact page for current pricing and ordering information.