Basic Bandolero

I’m pleased to announce the introduction of my new Basic Bandolero. It features up to 7 pouches that fit most known diatonic harmonicas, holding them securely in an upright position.  Each one is custom-fit to the particular client’s body size via PDF printouts of the pouch section exchanged via email. and attached to a client-supplied ribbon or paper model of the belt section.

The pouches have no lid flaps for ease of access but they’re snug enough that the harps won’t fall out if you bend over or take the Bandolero off. The ends of the single piece of top-grade vegetable-tanned saddle leather are attached via 3 heavy-duty solid brass snaps at the waist (several colors of leather and snaps are available). This means that the Bandolero can be rolled up along with your harmonicas for safe and secure transport or storage.

Possible upgrades include additional pouches, snap-closed lid flaps, adding a chromatic case (if the desired number of harps and the length of the bandolero permit), and various kinds of embellishments to personalize  and mark your Bandolero for identification and security purposes. I can even hide a microchip in the stitching for additional security.

I can just as easily make a belt to go around your waist. Please ask for details.


Contact me and we’ll design the perfect Bandolero to fit you and your personality.

Pricing is available on the Contact, Pricing and Ordering Information page.