More leather for musicians: a Bones Bag!

It’s no secret that I am a lover of Rhythm Bones as well as many other “folk” instruments. As a confirmed bones rattler, I carry a number of sets of two. Each has its own tone and timbre, carving its own niche in my set. Real bone is my favorite material, but various types of wood also make nice bones.

Anyway, I got tired of carrying my bones loose in a canvas bag and having to sort them out before or even during a performance. So, I developed this little 3-compartment bag to carry bones to, from and on-stage. It really works well! An adjustable neck strap makes for a perfect fit. Made from thick yet soft and pliable motorcycle garment leather, the bag can be secured in its rolled-up mode by a strap with a heavy-duty snap closure like the one on the flap. Then on stage the bag can be unrolled and carried over the should or around the neck or laid out on a table or music stand. Now I have access to each of my sets of bones right at my fingertips wherever I go on stage. No more on-stage fumbling-around embarrassment.

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Bones Bag-1-2Bones Bag-1 Bones Bag-2Bones Bag-4