Greetings, Musicians and other Eccentrics! Welcome to the SilverWing Leather web site.

The SilverWing Leather company was created to fill the need for a source of top-quality handmade leather creations specifically designed for today’s musicians with special attention to harmonica players.

Having done leatherwork since my “Hippie” days in the late 60’s enables me to produce unique and innovative products geared for the harmonica enthusiast who demands only the highest quality music-making equipment and appreciates equally high-quality leather goods specially designed to protect the tools of his or her trade.

SilverWing Leather creations are made to stand the test of time while reflecting the kind of lasting beauty that only all-handmade items created in the spirit of old-world craftsmanship can. With minimal care, you’ll be handing down your SilverWing Leather products to your next generation harmonica player!

Each owner of a SilverWing Leather item can rest assured that it was created especially for them as an expression of their own individual concepts of function and beauty. No two of our leather items are ever exactly alike because they are hand-crafted one at a time to the exact specifications of their owners. The top-quality natural leathers and hardware used, coupled with our loving attention through each step of its design and construction give every item a special character all its own.

Please go to the Gallery page to take at the creations I am currently offering. When you find something that catches your eye please go to the Contact page for pricing and ordering information.

It is on the Blog pages that I will announce new products as they become available for order as well as new developments at SilverWing Leather. (Remember, you can always find those products that are currently available on the Gallery page). If you should have any question, comments or suggestions about my company or its products, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you like what you hear and see about our products, tell some of your friends. If not, please tell me. I’ll fix it!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Michelle LeFree
Montrose, Colorado USA

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