HarpSlinger Harmonica Belt

I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to build a custom harmonica belt for a well-known harmonica player. He asked for a harmonica belt in the style of an old-west gunslinger’s pistol belt. I pointed him at some online resources to help him decide on specific embellishments. He liked the “Ranger” style belt with overlapping flaps that increase comfort and stability. He also found some “conchos,”decorative emblems or shields, that I used as button caps to hold the lids for each pouch closed. He also requested his initials and a pictorial mountain scene to fill out the available real estate.

This is what I came up with:

The pouches with concho button caps:

The client wanted the pouches on the back. Here is the belt from the front showing the Ranger style tongue and buckle with underlying strap. I left it unlined so that the inside would have some good “tooth” to help keep the belt in position when it’s loaded with harmonicas.


And finally a rear view showing the “business” side of the belt as it appears when the belt is buckled up.

If you’re interested in such a custom belt or bandolero, please see the Contact, Ordering and Pricing page. I’d be delighted to help you design a belt that suits your style and budget.