Custom case for Suzuki SBD-39 Slider Bass

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to build a custom case for a Suzuki SBD-39 Double Bass harmonica that has been modified using Brendan Power’s Slider-Bass mouthpiece/slider adapter by orchestral harmonicist and harmonica repair specialist, George Miklas.

The case is special in its Western “basketweave” stamp embossing treatment, custom tooled logo and an “antique” finish treatment that enhances these embellishments.

Like its older siblings the case is patterned after a doctor’s bag and is made from a single piece of top quality 8/64″ t 9/64″ thick vegetable tanned saddle skirting leather.

It has three snap closure straps for added security and the inside aspect of each piece of hardware (snaps & rivets) is covered by a small patch of brown pigskin. The expensive instrument does not come into contact with any metal that might otherwise mar it.

There is further protection in the form of a special protective block that prevents the harmonica from sliding inside the case and spuriously pressing the slider button. The delicate button cannot come into contact with any part of the inside of the case.

The fact that, after modification, a Slider-Bass won’t fit in its OEM case makes these beautiful and expensive instruments vulnerable, especially when transporting or shipping one. A SilverWing Leather case fits the harmonica like a glove and protects the owner’s significant investment so that it is in gig-ready shape at all times.

If you own a Slider-Bass and ever leave home with it, you really should consider giving it a case that befits and cradles it safely. Information to order yours can be found on the Contact, Pricing and Ordering Information page.