Progress on multi-diatonic cases

From the moment I proudly started showing folks my new pigskin-lined single diatonic cases, they almost uniformly said something to the effect of, “that’s nice but I need a case for more than one diatonic.” In gathering information aobut what folks wanted to see in a case that would hold a number of diatonics, many players suggested ones that would hold 6 or 7 harps. That way if they needed a whole set they could carry two such cases. Or if they knew they’d only need a subset of keys, a single case of 7 would often suffice.

Accordingly, I’ve been working on┬ádeveloping the right individual pouch ┬ásize and construction method:

test cases

I’m confirming my suspicion that it ain’t easy coming with the right type/weight of leathers and linings as well as accommodating the wide variety of harmonicas out there. My hat is definitely off to Jeffry Spoor of the now defunct Cumberland leather Company!

More to come…