“Compact” chromatic case

Spurred by satisfied owners of my “Compact” diatonic cases, I’ve gone ahead and used similar stitch-free construction techniques to develop a new approach to chromatic harmonica cases. My previous chrome’ cases were very high-end and required several days of my time to make one, largely because of the hand-stitching required. These new chrome’ cases haven’t a single stitch and are held together with rivets only. That means I can make one up on far less time and I can therefore offer this “Compact” chromatic caseĀ at a fraction of the price of my other hand-stitched cases.

The case is close-fitted and includes the protective block shown hereĀ that prevents the button from being pushed while the instrument is nestled in the case. Offered only in standard black or optional shades of brown, the leather comes carefully finished. The top snaps shut with two high-quality snaps and the harp will not move inside the case. I can include various kinds of attachment possibilities, from a belt loop to d-rings and associated straps.

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