Multiple-Diatonic Cases

Our breakthrough “Compact” multiple-diatonic case was motivated by the bulk and weight of our now discontinued all-leather cases. While luxurious and distinctive, all-leather cases are heavy. Moreover, the thickness of the leather means there is a certain amount of “dead” space between the leather pockets where they are stitched to the back piece. This makes them bulky as well.  Spurred by Harmonica Whiz Richard Sleigh to design a lighter, sleeker case, I knew that the key was eliminating this “dead” space between the harmonicas (see the related Blog post,

Having some experience making leather knife sheaths and pistol holsters I was aware of the trend to incorporate a “thermoplastic” called Kydex into modern designs for those products. Kydex comes in sheets that become flexible when heated. The material then retains whatever shape it is formed into when it cools. I realized that the material could be used to make a special divider that creates pockets that fit diatonic harmonicas in their width, depth and length. This thin plastic divider system dramatically reduces the inter-pocket “dead” space, resulting in a significantly narrower case.

CompactDiatonicCase-12   CompactDiatonicCase-4

Shown below is the new “Compact” case next to an old out of production case loaned to me as an ideal to strive for.

CompactDiatonicCase-2 CompactDiatonicCase-3

I believe this new Compact case sets a new standard in its small size and light weight. Also, because of the simplicity of its construction I am able to offer it at a very attractive price. (see Contact page for ordering information)

I’ve recently added the “Compact 14” case in the image of the Compact 7, above. It consists of two of my unique Kydex thermoplastic inserts and a divider enclosed within a leather case. Like the Compact 7, I’ve kept the price down by adding two “d-rings” at the top rear of the case. I encourage customers to get creative and think about making their own handle or repurposing an old camera neck strap. Of course you can special order any type of leather handle, dropped belt loop set-up, or shoulder strap.

Compact14Closed Compact14Parked

Based on customer input, the top flap has an extra male button at its base as well as on the normal spot on the front of the case (visible towards the rear center of the top when the case is closed). When open, the top flap snaps on to this extra snap to “park” it out of the way, giving full and easy access to the instruments.

Priced in the range of many single modern diatonic harmonicas, this is the smallest, lightest 14-harp case out there. Like its smaller brother, it comes in black. Other colors and custom Western-style tooling or lettering are available by special order. Please see the Contact page for current pricing and ordering information.