Harmonica Tool Rolls

These tool rolls were designed¬† in cooperation with Master Harmonica Customizer, Richard Sleigh. They are 9″ x 12″ and are made from top-grain vegetable tanned cowhide with a pigskin suede liner. They are available in black or brown leather with sky- or navy-blue or brown suede. They are closed with two leather straps multi-punched for “Sam Browne” buttons affixed to the flat leather. This makes them adjustable in size to accommodate a wide range of enclosed tools.

They are offered with or without a protective inner flap of suede. Richard prefers his without a flap because he wraps his tools in a white cloth which serves as his work surface, offering him a reflective surface to examine reed/slot tolerances. He then uses the unrolled tool roll to lay out his tools for easy access. $49.95 without the flap, $69.95 with (see Contact page for ordering information).

toolroll2 Toolrollopenoutside Toolrollopensuede untitled-4 Tollrollrolledup