Hand tooled Compact Cases with Custom Logo

I’m fortunate to count harmonica enthusiast and inventor Dr. John  Schaman, Director of the Ontario Aerobics Center, as a friend and client. He asked me to create a matching pair of  7- and 12-harp Compact cases with a western “basketweave” stamping pattern and a custom rendition of his “harmonica MD” logo. I created a simplified version of the logo he sent me in Adobe Illustrator and applied it in relief to the fronts of the cases with a “background” stamp. I included handle straps to make the cases easy to carry. He also ordered some rugged leather camera straps from another company so he can carry them “hands free.” I’ll leave it to you to ask him about the camera straps he’s crazy about.

Here is his Compact-7.

hMD Compact-7-1 hMD Compact-7-2

And here is his Compact-14.

hMD Compact-14-1 hMD Compact-14-2

I’ll create a unique stamping pattern and custom logo for your Compact harmonics case too! Please see the Contact page for ordering information.