Custom Western Carved Guitar Strap

I am lucky to have long known regional virtuosic guitar hero with the initials “SD.” SD has a long history in the mountain town of Ridgway, Colorado. His stage name is, “Captain Fractal.” Following his input I created a special design for a custom guitar strap. It features two main areas, one with carved initials and a western style hand-carved relief of a mountain scene visible from Ridgway and the other with an “Arrowhead” basketweave stamp pattern.

The strap is in the style of the western “Ranger” belt with a 3-piece matching silver buckle set that features the buckle itself as well as belt keeper and strap tip pieces.

CF Guitar strap-1

Here’s a closer look at the “Moon Over the Cimmarons” mountain scene just east of Ridgway on the front half of the strap.

CF Guitar strap-3

And one of the arrowhead basketweave pattern on the rear portion of the strap.

CF Guitar strap-4

The cost of such a belt would depend on the complexity of the individual custom design. Let your imagination (and your pocketbook) be your guide. Please see the Contact page for ordering information.