“Concealed Carry” Chromatic Case

Developed with indispensable input from long-time HarpBuddy, Jp Pagán, I believe this to be the “State-of-the-Art” leather chromatic case! This case was designed to be carried close to the player’s body to keep the instrument as warm as possible and to allow easy access in any playing situation.

With a flush-fitting top it is really a case within a case, affording maximum protection for your delicate and expensive instrument. The inner case is lined with the kind of smooth pigskin that you’d find in a $500 custom handmade briefcase. Because of this double layer construction, once the case is warm, there is a significant amount of mass to keep that axe cozy-warm and ready to play in an instant. It’s all carefully handmade, including the British-style box stitching that holds the precision-cut miter joints together.


The top can be stashed in several ways to allow instant access to your axe. It can be left dangling from one of its snaps, or it can be attached “backwards” to both snaps for better security. The top can also be removed completely and attached to the strap with its female snap fitting, keeping it safely secured but more out of the way.

CCarryChromeCase-2    CCarryChromeCase-3

Notice the slanted angle at of the top of the base. The raised part is for the button side, offering a measure of protection for that delicate component. The lowered portion allows access to the non-button corner of your axe for its easy and safe removal.

Very feature-rich, the case offers several stitched-in brass d-ring mounting points where its shoulder strap can be attached for slanted or vertical carrying. The belt loop affords additional mounting options as it is stitched on one end with a snap on the other. The snap allows the case to be attached to a loop on a backpack or the like. A simple carabiner through one of the top d-rings opens all sorts of other options for attaching the case.

Inside the top is a special block that clamps down on the on the non-button side of the instrument once the top is snapped on so that the delicate button cannot be pressed while the harp is nestled safely inside the case.


Here the case is shown with the strap attached to the short side for carrying the case at a slant, say under one’s arm (l), and with the strap mounted on opposite sides for vertical carrying, say around one’s neck (r).

CCarryChromeCase-6    CCarryChromeCase-7

Of course, the strap can be removed to make the case more compact for storage inside a larger gig case.


Folks, it takes me several days of concentrated work to create this case. As a result, this case is not inexpensive. Made to order for precise fit for your favorite axe, I am proud to offer this case as representative of the state of my art. (Please see the Contact page for current pricing and ordering information.)

NB: These cases are made to fit a block of wood that I make to be just slightly larger than the instrument it is designed to hold, to allow you to easily insert and remove your axe. I am developing a set of these forms but I may not have one for your particular make and model of harmonica. In this event, there are three possibilities. The ideal solution is for you to loan me your instrument to that I can make the wooden form and then retain the instrument while I make the case so that I can ensure proper final fit. The next best scenario is to send me your axe so that I can make detailed exact measurements that will allow me to make the form, and then I return your instrument immediately. This option, of course, does not allow me to ensure proper final fit — not the best situation, I’m sure you would agree. The least appealing option is that I can supply you with a drawing that details the locations of the necessary measurements so that you can make them yourself. This introduces even more variables, making me least comfortable with this option. One way or another, though, we can work it out.