Single Diatonic Cases

I make both wet-formed, hard-molded and soft single diatonic cases.

The wet-formed models are made with vegetable tanned saddle leather to precisely fit specific models of harmonicas. Your expensive axe will be fully cradled in a soft, colorful pigskin suede lining. You won’t have your favorite harp rattling around in one of these cases! After wet forming, the outer leather stiffens, providing a good measure of protection from a sharp bump or blow.

Seydelbrownonbrown SDiatonic6

SDiatonic3 new batch SDiatonic1 SDiatonic2

All handmade from top-quality leathers and hardware with old-world craftsman care, these cases are hand-stitched the old-fashioned way with two needles, waxed thread and a stitching pony. Each takes several days to make; they are offered in black or brown leather with either sky- or navy-blue and brown suedes, These cases are made to last. With minimal care, you will hand yours down to your next generation harper!

Spurred by customer requests, I’ve developed a more affordable “Softy” line of single- and double-diatonic harmonica cases. Because some desire a case that is slimmer and without a belt loop, these are cases made to carry in a pocket or a purse.

Black Softy Single Black Softy Double Tan Softy Double Tan Softy Single

They aren’t rigid like the molded cases as they are made of soft, pliable garment leather used in custom motorcycle leathers. I have this gorgeous leather in the black and tan colors shown. I always cement a patch of thin pigskin over the inner side of the snap so the case will not scratch your harmonica cover plates.

Sure, you have a case that came with your favorite carry harmonica. It might even be made of a leather-like material. But it likely isn’t handmade, guaranteed by the maker, and if it is that leather-like material it doesn’t have a cover flap with a positive snap closure. You paid dearly for your favorite carry harp. Why not protect it as well as possible with one of these little cases? Try one and you will be soon taking your favorite harmonica(s) with you everywhere. Please see the Contact page for current pricing and ordering information.