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New Industrial Sewing Machine

Well, folks I have dived into this leather thing deep. I just purchased a 125lb. industrial leather sewing machine. It’s huge, sitting on its own caster wheels. The whole thing came on a 325lb. pallet. Sits about 4 1/2 feet high. This is the preferred machine for professional saddle makers and is capable of sewing […]

Progress on multi-diatonic cases

From the moment I proudly started showing folks my new pigskin-lined single diatonic cases, they almost uniformly said something to the effect of, “that’s nice but I need a case for more than one diatonic.” In gathering information aobut what folks wanted to see in a case that would hold a number of diatonics, many […]

Harmonica Tool Roll à la Richard Sleigh

I’ve created a harmonica tool roll in cooperation with Master Harmonica Customizer Richard Sleigh. It’s a simple rectangle of thin vegetable-tanned leather lined with pigskin suede and fastened with leather straps punched for Sam Browne studs (buttons). For more pictures and details plus information about how Richard uses his, please see the Gallery page.   […]

Inaugural product: Single diatonic harmonica case

I’ve decided to introduce my new company with its first product, a belt-mounted, wet formed leather case with a full pigskin suede lining. The case is made of vegetable-tanned leather that is wet-wormed to precisely fit particular make/models of harmonicas. The leather, once wet formed and dried becomes very stiff, providing an extra measure of […]

Thank you for your interest…

Thank you for your interest in the SilverWing Leather company and its products! I am always interested in any questions or comments about or suggestions for current and future SilverWing Leather products. Please feel free to contact me at any time. I’d love to hear from you! Of course, I’d be tickled to work with you to […]

Greetings, Harmonica Enthusiast!

Greetings, Harmonica Enthusiast! Welcome to the SilverWing Leather web site. The SilverWing Leather company was created to fill the need for a source of top-quality handmade leather products specifically designed for today’s harmonica player. Having done leatherworking since my ”Hippie” days in the late 60s enables me to produce unique and innovative products geared for the harmonica enthusiast who […]